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We're Studyportals, founded in 2009 and on a mission to make education choice transparent, globally. We help define international strategies and connect institutions with the best prospective students around the world. Ensure that your institution shines in a place where students can discover the amazing programmes you’re offering so you can attract the right students from any corner of the world.     

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Student recruitment

Marketing strategy

Big data insights

Recruit the right students worldwide by promoting your university and programmes to a global audience.

Discover your market opportunities with real-time student data, based on the search behaviour of millions of students.

We assist in the development of your brand and your international marketing and recruitment strategy. 

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Receive global exposure on our platforms that are being visited by 29 million students each year to explore their degree options abroad. 


Receive high quality traffic to your own pages from informed and interested students through Studyportals. 


We offer a variety of solutions that are tailored to your institution's recruitment goals and strategy. 

If you are looking to increase the number of international student applications and enrolments, to highlight your programmes and institution to a global audience, then our portals are the place to be. Each year, over 29 million students use our platform to find and compare their study options across borders and select the right programme. At the same time, our channel helps universities with international student recruitment, by enabling them to reach a global audience, attracting the right students, and diversifying their student population.

Student recruitment

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Marketing strategy

As universities increasingly compete for the attention of domestic and international students, a strong brand and marketing strategy is essential in the competitive higher education environment. Our team of experienced higher education consultants help (re)define the international marketing strategy of universities around the world.

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Big data for higher education



E.g. Which specialisation should our new Master's degree offer? Which fields are currently being under or over supplied?


E.g. Which countries should I focus my recruitment activities on for our faculty? Which students are interested the most to study in my country?


E.g. What are the upcoming countries of international students? How is the demand for degrees forecasted to develop over the next years?

As competition in international student recruitment is increasing, university staff needs more insights to target prospective students more precisely. This is where big data insights come in. Over 29 million students can be found on Studyportals each year, exploring their degree options abroad. Their search behaviour grants insights on where these students are from, the top countries where they consider to pursue a degree, and the subject areas they are most interested in. This data, generated by millions of users, has proven to be an accurate reflection and projection of the market for higher education.

Discover how real-time student data can provide critical insights for your informed strategy planning and student recruitment. 

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A successful recruitment strategy comes down to targeting your degrees to the right students, in the right countries, at the right time.

Extend your potential reach to every corner of the world, make your programmes stand out on our platforms, inspiring ambitious students to apply.


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Using Studyportals really helped me compare different universities – which I learned was the best place to get an M.A. Translation degree. The website gave me the ability to cross compare universities and to pick my top four to which I would apply.’

Rebekah Mae
// Student from USA

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Studyportals is the global education search platform, visited by millions of students worldwide to find and compare international degrees. Our platforms are designed to help you attract the highly motivated and well-informed students, those that you are eager to recruit.


Our platforms are designed to connect you with the students that match best with your degree. Increase the quality of your applications and diversity on campus.


Increase applications from relevant countries, track and confirm the number of students who found your degree through us, while having full transparency on your ROI. 

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