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Finally. Big data for higher education is here.

Discover how real-time student data provides critical insights for informed strategy planning and student recruitment.  

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As competition in international student recruitment is increasing, university staff needs more insights to target prospective students more precisely. This is where big data insights come in. Over 30 million students can be found on Studyportals each year, exploring over 160,000 degree options abroad. This generated data has proven to be an accurate reflection and projection of the higher education market. 

The Studyportals student interest dashboard is relevant for higher education professionals who want to increase their understanding about trends and forecasts, the supply of and demand for degrees, and new market opportunities. 

Why big data is a big deal in the higher education industry, too

Access the free demo dashboard

Customised dashboard solution

Free demo dashboard versus the customised dashboard

The free demo dashboard covers generic information on disciplines and countries in 2017. Our customised dashboards, however, are developed to be able to provide specific, real-time, insights that your institution needs. They provide access to much more details, such as live, past and predictive data on students planning to start their degree abroad 1-2 years from now. 

"I really wanted to have more live data and real-time insights into how the perception to leave the EU was changing people's behaviour and how that would affect our student enrolments. Working with Studyportals on this was a pleasure. It went quickly and they solved my problem."

Dr. Thomas Loya
Director of Strategy, Planning & Performance

Dr. Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans 
Vice Principal & Pro Vice Chancellor

"The team was very responsive to our specific requirements, and able to appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach isn't always the best. They always took time to make sure that even minor adjustments could be made to our satisfaction, and kept the usability of the dashboards forefront to everything they did. It was a pleasure working with them."

Michelangelo Balicco
Head of International Recruitment

“Agriculture is not really a traditional subject for us to offer and there are not many 18-year-olds in Italy who are thinking about studying the subject. But the data suggested we would find plenty of interest in Sri Lanka, Georgia and Central America – countries we would never have thought of. So we followed the data and now half the international students on the new course are from those areas. Without a strategic data approach, we would never have considered these countries.”

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Access the free demo dashboard

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A successful recruitment strategy comes down to targeting your degrees to the right students, in the right countries, at the right time.

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Case study

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How Glasgow Caledonian University uses the Studyportals dashboard for informed strategy planning and student recruitment.

Carolyn Bowick
Director of Marketing, Recruitment & Conversion

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Discover market opportunities based on student data

The demo dashboard is interesting for higher education professionals who want to explore the interest of students in subject areas, where these students are from, and in which countries they consider to pursue a degree. The data is based on the traffic on Bachelorsportal.com and Mastersportal.com, between January 2017 and December 2017. 


Which specialisation should our new Master's degree offer? Which fields are currently being under and over supplied? 


Which countries should I focus my marketing on for our faculty? Which students are interested the most to study in my country? 


What are the upcoming countries of international students? How is the demand for degrees forecasted to develop over the next years? 

How big is our big data