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Thijs van Vugt

Director Analytics & Consulting, Studyportals

Laurens Vehmeijer

Analytics Consultant, Studyportals

Carolyn Bowick

Director Marketing, Recruitment & Conversion, Glasgow Caledonian University

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International Student Recruitment

Higher Education & Big Data

Discover why it's important for your recruitment strategy and how the Glasgow Caledonian University uses real-time student data insights for informed strategic planning.  

Why big data is a big deal in our industry, too

Why join and what to expect?

The seminar presents real-time insights into student interest for selected countries and cities and how the Glasgow Caledonian University is using these insights to target international students, but also to determine where to build strategic partnerships or how to expand their global footprint. The seminar is interesting for everyone who wants to learn more about how big data can uncover trends and forecasts, the supply of and demand for degrees, and new market opportunities


Which specialisation should our new Master's degree offer? Which fields are currently being under and over supplied? 


Which countries should I focus my marketing on for our faculty? Which students are interested the most to study in my country? 


What are the upcoming countries of international students? How is the demand for degrees forecasted to develop over the next years? 

A successful recruitment strategy comes down to targeting your degrees to the right students, in the right countries, at the right time.

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How Glasgow Caledonian University uses the Studyportals dashboard for informed strategy planning and student recruitment.

Carolyn Bowick
Director of Marketing, Recruitment & Conversion

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Meet us at EAIE instead to discuss how big data insights could work for your institution and how Studyportals can help with international student recruitment.

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Case study

Get to know the speaker and university prior to the seminar

The market analytics help the university to stay competitive and to mitigate the associated risks of operating in an increasingly competitive Higher Education market.  Benefitting from the collaboration between GCU and Studyportals’ new insights have become available on student search behaviour and future demand and supply by country of destination, subject area, and country of origin and even region and city of origin and destination. Examples of the market analytics, how they are used and their limitations will be shared as well as the (internal) challenges faced by GCU in using this data to deliver against its full potential.

How GCU utilises Studyportals' student data insights

As competition in international student recruitment is increasing, university staff needs more insights to target prospective students more precisely. This is where big data insights come in. Over 29 million students can be found on Studyportals each year, exploring their degree options abroad. Their search behaviour grants information on where these students are from, the top countries where they consider to pursue a degree, and the subject areas they are most interested in. 

In addition to enrolment data, online search behaviour can provide strong indicators of market demand and can offer your institution critical insights on its course portfolio review and development and international marketing strategy. This seminar takes a look at how the Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) utilises real-time market analytics to maximise return-on-investment, to identify new opportunities and to strengthen partnerships. 

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