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Happy Thanksgiving from Studyportals!

Happy Thanksgiving from StudyPortals - hero
A big “Thank You!” from all of us in Studyportals North America


Before we sit down at the festive table and treat ourselves to a good slab of turkey and cranberry sauce, we would like to wish all of you in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the time of the year when we pause and humbly look back at the year behind us: the wonderful people and experiences which enrich our lives. We are delighted that we have helped empower millions of students to choose an international education and can continue this. Without your help this would not be possible, so we thank you! Here is what the Studyportals North America Team is also thankful for:

  1. Family

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from Claudia and ii

As banal as it may seem, our families come to mind first. We are thankful for the wonderful people who support us unconditionally. Thank you for always having our backs! To be able to spend this special day with you all is something we cherish.

2. What we do

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from Rahul and Matt

We are thankful that our job allows us to make a difference to the millions of international students from around the world in their educational journey. And who knows, one day they might also thank us back for helping them…

3. Friends

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from Edwin and Conor

What would this life be without friendship?

We are thankful for all the great people whom we can call friends. Through the good times and the bad, they have been there with us.  Because of that we wish to say thank you! Stay with us as the years go by.

4. Colleagues

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from Sissy and Andrew

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with people from around the world! Our team members hail from 35 different countries, each contributing to the enormous diversity of the global Studyportals family. In fact, “Head up, heart open” is one of our favourite quotes from T.F. Hodge and a company mantra that summarises our appreciation of each other’s unique personality. Thank you, colleagues, for being so awesome!

5. Opportunities

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from Tania and Steve

We are thankful for the opportunity to be able to continuously challenge and develop ourselves here at Studyportals. Our customers have taught us a great lot about education, patience, and professionalism. Students keep us youthful, spirited, and up-to-date with all the latest and coolest technology out there.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 from StudyPortals

Finally, we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to make a difference in students’ lives. By helping them find courses around the world we have helped them achieve their dream!

What are you thankful for? Let us know at #thanksfor2017 and in the comments below!

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