The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.” – Stephen McCranie

Rebecca Hamers

Job summary/responsibilities

As a Partnership Success Manager, I aid universities to get the most out of their marketing efforts on our portals. Tasks and responsibilities include establishing long-term relationships with clients, monitoring and optimizing their campaigns, explaining the results to them, and consulting university representatives on international student recruitment.

General introduction/background

After graduating cum laude from Erasmus University with a Master’s degree in Media & Business I wanted to continue exploring the possibilities in the world of (online) media. Since I am passionate about digital marketing and advertising, the role of a campaign manager immediately spoke to me.

Therefore, in September 2018, I started working for Studyportals as a campaign manager for the Northern Europe region. This position provided me with the perfect balance between aspects that I like and aspects that I find challenging. From January 2019 onward, I took on the role of Partnership Success Manager (also in the Europe region), where I focus on enrollment-based partnerships in particular.

Key challenge

Allowing myself to be a ‘beginner’ in this field. As a perfectionist, the early stages of a new job can be very challenging.

Personal Goal

Grow on a personal level as well as on a skill-set level. In order to do so I have to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible, which can be really difficult. The payoff, however, is great!

Favorite activities

I love to practice many types of sport, such as (kick)boxing, fitness, and tennis. Moreover, travelling is one of my passions as well (I have a ‘wishlist’ of countries that I want to explore). Lastly, I also get really happy by being with my loved ones, and spending quality time with them.