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Studyportals is the global study choice platform. Our mission is to empower the world to choose education by making study choice transparent, globally. Each year, over 28 million students use Studyportals’ platform to find and compare their study options across borders and select the right programme. At the same time, our results-based channel helps universities with marketing and international student recruitment, by enabling them to reach a global audience and diversify their student population. If you are interested in increasing the number of student applications and enrolments, to highlight your programmes and institution to a global audience, our portals are the place to be.

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Some kind words from our clients

Jönköping University | Sweden


Tracking all the way to enrolments can be challenging. But with the right tools, a data-driven approach to student recruitment is within reach.

ESIEE Paris | France


Derek Mainwaring shares how ESIEE Paris benefits from student data insights for international student recruitment.

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From generating awareness, growing applications, and ensuring enrolments, to diversifying your campus with the right mix of students, our team is here for you.

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Why work with us

Global reach

Extend your potential reach to every corner of the world, inspiring ambitious students to apply and enrol no matter where they’re from. Strengthen the diversity and high educational value that are already part of your institution.

Pay for outcomes

Our results-based model is built so that you pay only when you see verifiable, measurable outcomes and reach maximum recruitment capacity.

Make it work for your institution

Through an exchange of expertise, combined with a broad range of services and a strong supply of analytical data, we can deliver a campaign that fits your recruitment and marketing vision.

Best fit

Studyportals matches you with the students you’re most eager to recruit – the highly motivated, purpose-driven cultural explorers. The best-matched students are sure to thrive and succeed at your institution.

Your success is our success

Studyportals aligns its goals with the goals of university clients, through honest, transparent partnerships. Our personal touch lets you know that there is someone on the other end eager to help make your institution shine.

Want to get better at tracking results of your marketing and recruitment efforts?
Find out how Studyportals can strengthen and add transparency to your ROI measurements.

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Analytics & Consulting Team (ACT)

<center>Analytics & ROI</center>

Analytics & ROI

Improve the performance of your website. Track and measure the conversion from visitor to lead, applicant and enroled student and increase your ROI.



We assist in the development of your brand and your international marketing & recruitment strategy and your marketing operations.

<center>Market Insight</center>

Market Insight

Get insight into international student interests, behaviour, country of origin and satisfaction. But also into who your competitors are.



Enhance your skills in international marketing, recruitment, branding, Google Analytics, online marketing and much more.

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We are collaborating with both student and academic organisations worldwide and are proud to our meaningful partnerships.


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