Discipline spotlight: Social Sciences


Discipline Spotlight Reports

Discipline Spotlight Reports provide information about (prospective) international students interested in a certain discipline and corresponding sub-disciplines. They include information on the discipline and its corresponding sub-disciplines, such as the absolute and relative numbers of courses and page views on StudyPortals, and thus the relative supply and demand, but also the top countries of origin and destination of (prospective) students as well as other information, such as gender, age, yearly orientation pattern and device used to access StudyPortals.

Discipline Spotlight: Social Sciences

Social Sciences is the third most popular discipline on BachelorsPortal and MastersPortal, covering over 21 sub-disciplines. The market for international programmes in Social Sciences has been relatively saturated, meaning that the market is not very popular for new programmes in this discipline.

StudyPortals Data

Big Data has been a hot topic in the professional world for years. As of Summer 2016, StudyPortals lists more than 150,000 programmes at over 2,400 higher education institutions on its portals. Collectively these programmes receive more than 16 million visitors per year, over 23 million sessions and approximately 87 million page views. This data can yield vital insights that be used by higher education institutions and other organisations to help them in decision making processes. Discipline Spotlight Reports and Country Spotlight reports offer valuable yet affordable insights in a specific discipline or country of origin.

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