StudyPortals is the Global Study Choice Platform.
Our mission: "Empowering the world to choose (for) education".

About StudyPortals

StudyPortals started as a spin-off from a couple of large international study associations that were frustrated by a total lack of information for finding international Masters in Europe: was born and proved to be an overwhelming success.

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From its very conception, StudyPortals was founded to solve (our own) student problems. It was, and still is, fuelled by a strong belief in the value of international experiences - both for the individual student and for society.

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Meet the founders

Edwin van Rest CEO
Thijs Putman CTO
Magnus Olsson Senior Representative

Beyond the Platform

StudyPortals is taking another step along the line with our primary drive and our first core value: Make our world a little bit better. We are now also taking that beyond the impact of our own platform. From January 2014, we will support the UNICEF "Schools for Africa" campaign, more precisely education in Guinea - Bissau. We believe that this campaign matches very well with the mission of our company: "Empowering the world to choose (for) education".

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International Student Associations are key partners for StudyPortals in further developing services, as well as informing students about how we can help them. Almost all large international student associations are our official partners. Read more

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